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Rt. HON. Yekini Ibikunle (The 27th LASUSU Speaker) and his Precarious Adventure to LAHA.

“It’s only a fool that will expect to see changes in doing something in the same way”

I strongly condemn in totality the act of the 27th LASUSU Speaker for selling out the union for penny to enrich his pocket.

It is more evil to shield the truth in the face of injustice“.

It is important to inform entire Lasuites that the leadership of the Lagos State University Students Union: Students Parliamentary Council (LASUSU SPC) on 14th of February 2017 visited the Lagos State House of Assembly (LAHA), a visit which was geared towards making LASUSU parliamentarians to observe and get familiar with the proceedings of the State House of Assembly with a view of internalizing the process and procedures of 21st century parliament.

No doubt, this was a step in the right direction by the leadership of the house; however, there is more to the intention of visiting the Lagos House of Assembly (LAHA) than meets the eye. According to report from those honorables that were part of the visitation to LAHA, it was reported that after observing the proceedings of the LAHA sitting, The Speaker 27th LASUSU SPC in the person of Rt. HON Yekini Ibikunle Animashaun converged some honorables together leaving behind others to give out awards in the name of the 27th LASUSU Speaker to the following: Rt. HON. Mudasiru Obasa, Hon. Segun Olulade and Hon. Tobun Abiodun for the purpose of enriching his pocket.

It must be noted that, the process and procedures of giving out award is a democratic process that comes by a nomination from the Students Executive Council or from the floor of the house, or any member of the union. The nomination shall be properly considered, ratified, and approved by 2/3 majority of the parliamentarians in the best interest of the union and such award will be presented in the name of the union (LASUSU) and not an individual or an office holder. Following from the above, it is illegal for the speaker or any individual to give out awards in his name or that of any arm of the union.

Injustice has no two names other than injustice no matter the worth or status of the perpetrator of the Injustice

What the 27th LASUSU Speaker Rt. Hon Yekini Ibikunle has done is injustice, in fact it is unconstitutional, and it is indeed a sellout of the interests of the whole Lasuites contrary to the mandate reposed on him to at all times defend and promote the interest of the generality of Lasuites.
The visit of the LASUSU SPC to observe the sitting provide best opportunity for the leadership of the LASUSU SPC led by Rt. Hon. Yekini Ibikunle Animashaun to present a paper on issues as they affect Lasuites. Issues, out of which are the following:

1. The need for the LAHA to hasten the process of transforming LASU into a residential school by immediately calling for the construction of the 6000 capacity hostels as proposed by the Vice Chancellor.

2. To bring to the attention of LAHA the condition under which students learn as a result of over population and the need for immediate construction of more lecture theatres and halls.

3. To bring to the attention of LAHA the long overdue Students Union arcade under construction and the need to call for the immediate completion of the arcade.

4. To bring to the attention of the LAHA the need to further increase the subvention given to the school as major percentage of the subvention often go for overhead expenses.

And many other issues just to highlight a few.

The above are the interests any LASUSU official irrespective of the arms (SEC, SPC or SJC) is to protect and defend at all times and under any circumstances. This is what the 27th LASUSU Speaker Rt. Hon Yekini Ibikunle has failed to do in his capacity as the speaker of the LASUSU SPC. It is with regard to this that I hereby make the following demands;

My Demands:

1. The 27th LASUSU SPC parliamentarians should debate and pass a resolution on the floor of the house to disclaim any award giving without the approval of the house within a period of now and the next sittings or 200 students across the whole faculty will be made to do such.

2. The house committee on ethics and disciplinary actions should discharge their duties accordingly without fear or prejudice by probing the actions of the speaker and applying stiff sanctions if he is found guilty in order to ensure justice.

3. The generality of Lasuites and LASUSU SPC parliamentarians should join me in the implementation of these demands and henceforth should endeavor to be concerned with what their elected officials (SEC, SPC & SJC) do with the name of our union with a view of making them act accordingly.

The sincere truth is that, Lasuites would have benefited immensely from the visit of their representatives to the LAHA if they have acted accordingly. So let’s always be concerned about our union, our union is our pride and a platform to defend our interests.

Above all these, this is not an attack on any individual but an attempt to prevent laying bad precedence in our union. One thing for sure is that history can never make man, man will always make history and posterity will judge all man for his actions and inactions on the sand of time. I am prepared to defend the interest of our union.

Aluta continua….. Victoria arserta

Dare to struggle Dare to win


Hon. Comr. Yusuf Nurudeen Alowonle (OmOmeewa)

Honourable member representing Faculty of Education, Students Parliamentary Council (SPC), LASUSU. Public Relations Officer, Education Rights Campaign (ERC), LASU Chapter.

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