University of Lagos (UNILAG), suspended student Femi Adeyeye is among the13 activists who landed in Kirikiri prison for standing up for a blind undergraduate.

Visually impaired Lawrence Success was suspended for two semesters for asking the institution UNILAG management why hostel beds had bedbugs. He was also arrested and locked up at Panti police station for three days.

Adeyeye and 12 other students were arrested during a peaceful demonstration on behalf of Success. They were arraigned before a mobile court and apparently falsely accused of disrupting public peace. The judge remanded them in prison.

Femi Adeyeye was rusticated for criticizing the way UNILAG handled a student protest over poor state of facilities on campus.
The students were freed on April 6 after the public condemned the police and UNILAG management over the development.

Adeyeye, who was rusticated four semesters for criticizing UNILAG authorities on Facebook, took to the same social platform on Thursday to pen his first post since life in Kirikiri Prison.

He wrote:

“A week after!

“A very big appreciation goes to all youths, friends, acquaintances and students all over the World who stood against the evil connivance of the UNILAG Management and the Lagos State Police Commissioner until we were released.

Joy as court frees unjustly imprisoned UNILAG students, others.
“I have not posted since my release due to the inundation of calls,texts and interviews. Thank you all.

“To Comrades who are still in doubt of the level, tempo and mood at which the Struggle is moving, I will advise that we become clear-headed about the mess this society has been put in.

“The Future of Nigeria and Nigerians has been bought and shared, in fact over bottles of beer and we must organise to fight till sanity returns to this system.

Adeyeye with other student activists.
“It would NEVER be easy as we are fighting the system of things that has been in existence before we were born. We can’t fight such a struggle without SUSTAINING INJURIES.

“We are braver, smarter and more determined now to face the struggle ahead. More torture, more detentions even death might come but we remain fervid in this struggle for Nigerians and Africans by extension to be treated as humans at least for once in this lifetime .

“Viva Aluta!

“Thank you all.”

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