Buhari should come back home, his problems are spiritual not medical- Prophet Wisdom Ezeigwe

ABUJA – Fiery preacher and Abuja-based prophet, Wisdom Nnamdi Ezeigwe, popularly called “Ojenanmuo” has advised President Muhammadu Buhari to come back home and seek spiritual cleansing rather than travelling abroad intermittently to seek the help of medics who obviously do not possess answers to his spiritual life’s major queries. Ojenanmuo who of recent relocated to […]


7 Beautiful Daughters Of Nigeria’s Wealthiest Men Who Are Still Single

These women are not just beautiful, they are rich, powerful and most of them are extremely drop-deal gorgeous. It’s surprising how they are still single. All of them have super-rich fathers who own their different companies and organisation. Some have tasted marriage and opted out after some reasons, while some have been carried away with […]