Challenges in Nigeria institutions by 27th Lagos State University student union PRO

IMG 20170612 WA0005 Challenges in Nigeria institutions by 27th Lagos State University student union PRO

The challenges in the University.
Luckily growing up was an experience that groomed me into facing the challenges that the university will throw at me. The University is the best avenue to plan your future and a platform for you to discover your self and to put your self on the right part.
There are so many challenges we face today in the University and the first one is.
NO ONE WILL DO IT FOR YOU – I always thought that life was ever going to be smooth, and I still thought like that until I entered the University. I then discovered that life is only smooth when people sort out your problems for you but life is never smooth when you have to solve your problems your self. The first lesson I learnt was how to be dependent, and how to start acting, thinking and Behaving Maturely.
I had to start waking my self up, cooking my food, deciding the cloths to wear (no more uniforms,) I had to live alone and make decisions my self.

I was fortunate in this aspect of my life because I was lucky to be with the right friends. Friends determine a lot about how your university life will be, and choosing a wrong friends can expose you to so many dangers and harm. They can also misled you on your moral and religious ethics and change you from a calm person to a party freak, a drunkard, a smoker or a womanizer.
Your friends my not be that bad, but they might be too playful and my derail you for your primary assignment in the University which Is to make good grades.

An adage says an idle mind is the Devils work shop. One thing that students tend to Mis use is the freedom that comes with the University life, no monitoring, no scolding, no spanking, nothing nothing. Students tend to bask in this freedom and derail from their primary assignments. That is why from now you have to instil the willingness to study and to read because no body will tell when to read and when not to read.
Also freedom exposes you to different choices, what you wear, your hair do, where you go to. The parties you attend and what you do.
Because you are not monitored you tend to misuse this avenues and make the wrong decisions

A lot of students miss it right from their year one because they did not know how to adapt to different pressures. Your different lecturers have different teaching methods and it is your ability to adapt as quickly as possible to the needs of the lecturers that will determine how you are going to fair in his course.
Also in the University we have various courses of study and it takes a lot of extra effort to be able to understand and be familiar with them. You as a student must not rely only on what the lecturer teaches you must be able to go extra miles to make good grades.
Another challenge faced by students today is money, a lot of students are convetous and this has prompted a lot of them to go the extra mile to make it even through unbefitting means. Students are lured into cultism with the promise of power and more money and the ladies are lured into prostitution because of money for the latest designers and the biggest phones.
We must learn now to be contented with what you have so that you will not fall prey to the lure of money.
Let your brain determine your decisions not your stomach.

As a student your primary goal of entering the University is to make it out with a good result, and any other thing apart for that Is secondary. You must not allow the the extra activities that surround the University life to derail you from your target. No matter what happens you must not prioritise anything above your education, you must not let relationship, sports, fashion and modelling, politics and even religion to deter you from achieving your primary aim.
The University is sweet but the bitter truth is everyone enters the University with the aim of making a first class and just one or two end up making it… This are because you got distracted midway to achieving your aim. You determine what do ever happens to you and you must strive to make it out of the University with flying colours.

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