NAIDS LASU 01 20170810 065951 NAIDS NATIONAL paid Courtesy Visit to IYALODE OF IMOTA

Thursday, 31st of August 2017 the National Association of Ikorodu Division, National body decided to pay one of her Patroness otherwise known as Matron in Person of Alhaja Akinsanya a prominent Chief in IMOTA kingdom, she’s currently the Iyalode of that accient town.

The national body was represented there by 6members of the association and these members were led there by the association’s NATIONAL President in person of Comr. Sobona Wasiu and others members present at the Iyaloda’s house were the association’s NATIONAL Vice President 1,the association’s NATIONAL General Secretary, that Association’s National Welfare Director,a member of the association’s NATIONAL parliament Ogunsanmi Bassit(Bsquare) and Imota Student Union’s Sport Director.

The Iyalode as we know that she’s a civil servant with a kind and loving behavior accepted not only the members present there but all members of the association.

The association’s members on getting there discussed relevant matters disturbing the association to her.
The members discussed more on causes of students failures in school which Alhaja Akinsanya attributed majorly to lack of Care and attentions on the students parents part.

They also discussed the alarming rates of student drop outs especially among female students.

She made them understand that people From Ikorodu division celebrate parties than they celebrate education.

Her believe is that these students are what they are because there is no one to talk to them..

The solutions she gave the association was constant orientation and enlightenment programs to those we can still savage.

She advised them on things they should do to contribute their little quota to their environment like giving out Jamb and Gce forms, giving out free items like school socks, math sets, calculators, pencils, biros and the likes to indigent.

Iyalode of Imota kingdom admonished them to be transparent and accountable for all their deeds and in all their transactions.
She also promised to be there for them and contribute her quota.

Less we forget She is a civil servant and a graduate of OAU.


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Prince Soyiga Samuel Adeshina
Prince Soyiga Samuel Adeshina is an Ikorodu born double crown Prince. The young talented guy is musically and politically inclined. Soyiga's love for writing made him consider blogging as a career