images 60 Betrayed Episode 21

Betrayed Episode 21

BETRAYED 21 I knelt down nd began to beg Dele please Jo nitori olorun[for God’s sake] I will do whatever u want Infact,i will leave dis house 4 u nd celine Please, Don’t kill my baby Dele frowned nd slapped me twice I fell against him,in d process,d glass he was holding dropped nd the […]

images 60 Betrayed Episode 19

Betrayed Episode 19

BETRAYED 19 When i got home,i was about to sleep when my phone buzzed I picked it and heard Eliza’s voice Me:Hello..Is this eliza Voice:Yes itz her Me:Eliza,u should be in brazil by now Voice:(laughs) funny you,do u think i will just leave like that..? Me:Eliza…,why are u doing like this.? Voice:Ken..,i love u and […]