images 60 Betrayed Episode 22

Betrayed Episode 22

BETRAYED 22 [ELIZA] I sat on a chair in the church waiting for ken, today was our wedding day,i was in my beautiful white wedding gown and a lovely banquet of flower I kept on waiting for ken but he did not come I removed my phone and was calling him repeatedly but he did […]

images 60 Betrayed Episode 21

Betrayed Episode 21

BETRAYED 21 I knelt down nd began to beg Dele please Jo nitori olorun[for God’s sake] I will do whatever u want Infact,i will leave dis house 4 u nd celine Please, Don’t kill my baby Dele frowned nd slapped me twice I fell against him,in d process,d glass he was holding dropped nd the […]

images 60 Betrayed Episode 20

Betrayed Episode 20

BETRAYED 20 Eliza burst into tears No I love you ken I will marry you Come next week saturday… I will be xpectin u i hissed Eliza By d time my wife gets pregnant with her 3rd child Maybe by dat time,u would reason well U beta stop ur rubbish nd let’s go so that […]

images 60 Betrayed Episode 19

Betrayed Episode 19

BETRAYED 19 When i got home,i was about to sleep when my phone buzzed I picked it and heard Eliza’s voice Me:Hello..Is this eliza Voice:Yes itz her Me:Eliza,u should be in brazil by now Voice:(laughs) funny you,do u think i will just leave like that..? Me:Eliza…,why are u doing like this.? Voice:Ken..,i love u and […]

images 60 Betrayed Episode 18

Betrayed Episode 18

BETRAYED 18 [2 WEEKS LATER] Afta much threats,eliza decided 2 go 2 brazil She wore a white turtle neck top with red mini skirt,black netty pop socks nd boots dat reached her knees She also tied a red expensive scarf dat i bought 4 round her neck She was so beautiful nd sexy, i did […]

images 60 Betrayed Episode 17

Betrayed Episode 17

BETRAYED 17 Eliza replied Mum am not mad Don’t blame ken blame me Am d one forcing myself on him Ken is the love of my life Our mum became furious She slapped eliza twice U bastard..! U must be stupid Eliza did nt reply She just went upstairs nd ignored my mum order to […]

images 60 Betrayed Episode 16

Betrayed Episode 16

BETRAYED 16 Once we got home,we met our mum in d living room fuming madly I greeted her Good evening mum She shut me up Hey.! Holdur greetings Hold it..! I was amazed Mum what did i do..? She screamed again Don’t mum me..! Shut up nd don’t mum me..! Am nt ur biological mother […]

images 60 Betrayed Episode 15

Betrayed Episode 15

BETRAYED 15 I became confused Eliza..What has come over you? Are u sure dat u are ok.? Eliza sniffed and hugged me,i felt dat she had become thinner she rarely eats nowadays, I wrapped my arms round Her I had missed my Eliza I had missed the happy Eliza I had missed my younger sister […]

images 60 Betrayed Episode 14

Betrayed Episode 14

BETRAYED 14 I frooze nd asked nino Are you sure..? Nino nodded innocently nd said I asked dad if u were my aunty Daddy said No he said you were our househelp My legs began 2 shake,Nino became concerned Are u ok.?He asked I nodded fastly like an agama lizard Yes Nino…Am ok I opened […]