images 60 Betrayed Episode 20

Betrayed Episode 20

images 60 300x300 Betrayed Episode 20

Eliza burst into tears
I love you ken
I will marry you
Come next week saturday…
I will be xpectin u
i hissed
By d time my wife gets pregnant with her 3rd child
Maybe by dat time,u would reason well
U beta stop ur rubbish nd let’s go so that u would attend my wedding as my only sister nd if u refuse to follow me
Av got better things to do
I entered my car nd drove off,
4rm d rear mirror,i saw my baby sister laying on d floor,weeping terribly
I wanted to get out of d car nd run 2 her nd hold her but i did not want her to feel like am in love with her
So…with tears in my own eyes too
I Drove Off
One day,i was sleeping when dele roughly woke me up
I stood up nd yawned
Dele roughly said
Drink it..!
I asked
For what..?
He replied
To abort the bastard in your tummy
I gasped
The baby i waited 4 good 8 years
And u are telling me to get rid of it.?
Dele roared
Shut up.!
I will kill u if u don’t drink it
I became scared as i saw fury in dele’s face

Prince Soyiga Samuel Adeshina
Prince Soyiga Samuel Adeshina is an Ikorodu born double crown Prince. The young talented guy is musically and politically inclined. Soyiga's love for writing made him consider blogging as a career