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Oladelz promise a bottle of Lasusu table water for 30naira

Oladelz promise a bottle of Lasusu table water for 30naira

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“To everything there is a season and a time to every purpose under the Heaven”
I am indeed compelled to begin this speech on this biblical note because as a young man growing up at the feet of my parents, little did I imagine that my path in life would lead me in the direction of becoming a President.

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I would therefore start by thanking the Almighty God for this privilege of becoming the President of the great Union of the Best State University in Nigeria and the Harvard University of Africa.

I thank God for his favor because this is a position attained by few people though many aspire to get there.
Today will remain unforgettable in my life as I stand before you to accept the mandate to serve as the President of the Lagos State University Students’ Union for the 2018/2019 academic session.

It is also elating to know that the joy of this day is shared by many whom I hold in high esteem who have left their busy schedules to grace this occasion.

Let me therefore acknowledge respectfully the presence of the management team ably led by the Deputy Vice Chancellor Prof. Oyedamola Oke, the agents of change and the men behind the new dawn in LASU, Acting Dean of Students’ Affairs Dr. Femi Obayori, My Mentors and Predecessors in this exalted office Comr. Sekoni Tayo, Comr. Kappo Samuel Olawale, members of the 28th LASUSU administration led by Comr. Olalere Samuel, The People of the Moment, My 29th LASUSU Executives.

I also wish to acknowledge the presence of my family, my father Mr. Ibukun Falade and my mother Mrs Omolara Ajana alongside my siblings please stand up for recognition.

I must also appreciate Barr. E. S. J. Kappo for his fatherly support and advice. Special appreciation to my Faculty, The School of Transport, The small faculty that delivered largely and did the impossible, this is just the beginning for us.

Special acknowledgement goes to OLA-DELZ SUPPORT GROUP (OSG) my campaign organization led by My Director General Lawal Qudus Oluwatobiloba PKA TOBYLAW, the team behind my victory in the poll.

I am excited to work with such a talented and dedicated group of individuals. Special recognition to the NANS JCC LAGOS represented here by Comr. Yusuf Abdulrasaq and Comr. Danmola Abdulazeez.

I stand here today by the task before us, grateful for the trust you have bestowed, mindful of the sacrifices borne by our comrades. I also want to use this medium to commend my rugged, dogged co-travellers Comr. Yusuf Nurudeen (Omomeewa), Comr. Nafiu Hamid (Boko Halal) and Comr. Wusa Lucky (Synergy) for their immense contribution during the struggle to ensure that our Union continues in the right direction despite our differences.

Let me state in the words of Martin Luther King that “we might have come from a different boat but we are on the same ship now”. My gratitude also goes to the Electoral Committee led by Comr. Yahyah Isiaq for giving us a credible, free and fair election and also for standing for justice.

Greatest Lasuites, Let us summon a new spirit of student unionism and take responsibility to care for another and share with one another because when we care, we share.

Starting today we must pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off and begin again the work for the sustainable development of our Union. For everywhere we look there is work to be done:

1. Students’ Welfare
My administration will bring to fore improved transport network off campus, health insurance, end to issue of marshal harassment and also security agencies most especially the police harassment of our students
2. Academics
My administration will invest so much in academics and do everything for the academic excellence of our members. We will bring back LASUSU Tutorial for our members, make readily available materials, facts and figures on general courses for our students. We will also consolidate precedented academic programmes.

3. Innovations and Entrepreneurship

My administration will promote the innovation of our members and also support students entrepreneurs. We will introduce LASUSU SIP (Social Investment Programme) to support our entrepreneurs.

4. Socials
My administration will do more of social activities and also bring our brothers and sisters across other campuses into the social dispensation.

The tunnel to success will be long and dark, the walk and work ahead will be tedious but I promise you that together we shall see the light at the end of this tunnel. Most of you wouldn’t agree with every decision I make and I wouldn’t solve all your problems without your support but I will always listen to you especially when we disagree on important issues.
To my fellow students, I will admonish you to be good ambassadors of this great citadel of learning for the world has changed, our nation has changed, our citadel of learning has changed and we must change with it.
To my executives and other functionaries of the Union, what is demanded from us is to return to the truth and repose the students faith in Us. What is required of us now is a new era of responsibilities, recognition on the path of everyone that we have duties to our Union and not ourselves. I will not encourage or tolerate any member of my government that is involved or engage in any form of Misconduct. We will be building our administration on accountability and transparency.
To the public and private sectors, I want you to know that this Union is part of the middle level of educational system and I believe the students of this Union have contributed immensely to the economic development of this nation and our society is desperately in need of the students in the labor market. I want to take this opportunity to appeal to them to concentrate on the development of this Union. I want both sectors to kindly help in funding our Union and create a safe haven for internship. Through collaborations with businesses and philanthropic organizations, we will be able to provide internships, scholarships, mentoring and leadership development to our students.
To kickstart my administration, in the next 48hours we will introduce LASUSU Mini and Mega Table Water still packaged as La Vaser water currently but to be packaged as LASUSU Table Water soonest. The LASUSU Mini Table Water (50cl) will be sold for 30naira and the LASUSU Mega Table Water (75cl) will be sold for 40naira.

Oladelz promise a bottle of Lasusu table water for 30naira

As I end this speech, I wish to reiterate the fact that my task in accepting this mantle of leadership shall not be tempered by any selfish interests. Indeed, I shall continually uphold the mandates of my oath of allegiance and pledge to serve selflessly.

28TH LASUSU SPC FORUM 20190330 125906 Oladelz promise a bottle of Lasusu table water for 30naira

Long Live Lagos State University (LASU).
Long Live Lagos State University Students’ Union (LASUSU).
Long Live Lagos State.
We are LASU, We are Proud.

Comrade Oladele Oluwatayo Olawale (OLA-DELZ)

Oladelz promise a bottle of Lasusu table water for 30naira

Prince Soyiga Samuel Adeshina
Prince Soyiga Samuel Adeshina is an Ikorodu born double crown Prince. The young talented guy is musically and politically inclined. Soyiga's love for writing made him consider blogging as a career