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Nigeria Best Reality Show 2019

Nigeria Best Reality Show 2019 Quite a number of reality TV shows have been aired within the Nigeria entertainment industry but the ones listed here have enjoyed massive viewership from the Nigerian audience;

1. Big Brother Naija

IMG 20190802 WA0025 Nigeria Best Reality Show 2019

Big Brother Naija, which was formerly Big Brother Nigeria, is an action-packed TV show, with intense episodes and lovely contestants. 12 contestants live together in the house for 3 months and the winner goes home with a whopping $100,000.

2. Vskit Voice to Fame 

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I particularly love this programme especially because my kids and I can watch it, and I don’t have fears about languages or profanity. VskitVoicetoFame is a collaboration between Africa’s leading video sharing platform Vskit and Star Times. 

It is a one of its kind dubbing competition which hit television airwaves on July 28th, 2019. 8 contestants will compete against celebrities for a chance to win a grand prize of 2 million Naira. 

Vskit Voice to Fame will be aired nationwide at prime time on Sundays across TV stations such as Orisun TV, NTA, ST Yoruba and Area10 TV at 8:00pm; ST Dadin Kowa at 9:00pm and many more Yoruba channels. The program will run in mainly Pidgin English and Nigerian local dialects.

3. MTN Project Fame

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MTN Project Fame West Africa is a musical talent show organised by MTN Nigeria. It started airing in 2008 and has since grown in clout. Winners are given the platform to continue to showcase their talents to the world. Cue can be taken from past winners like Chidinma, Iyanya and Jeffery Akor. 

The next edition of Project Fame is still not in the know, we however hope it will come stronger this year.

4. Maltina Dance Hall 

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A dance reality TV show organised by Maltina and produced by Ultima Studios. In this show, families come together to showcase their bonds, creativity and dance steps. Different genres are employed, including Samba, Salsa, Hip Hop and Pantomime.

5. Nigerian Idol 

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Nigerian Idol is the local version of the Idol Series. The show which began in 2010 consists of panel of judges seeing musical talents through a series of rigorous singing and talent displays. 

7.5 million recording contract with Sony Music, a car and an all expense paid trip was awarded to the winner of the first edition – Naomi Ebiama. 

6. X Factor 

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X Factor is a reality TV show sponsored by GLO Nigeria. Winners go home with a cash prize of $150,000 and just like Nigerian Idol, a recording deal from Sony Music will be awarded to the winner. 

X Factor has seen many talents through, and some have gained popularity through the Tv Show. 

7. Nigeria’s Got Talent 

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The ace TV Show started airing in 2012 and is being sponsored by Airtel. The show has sea en panel of Judges like Kate Henshaw, Dan Foster and Yibo Koto. Nigerians are made to express their talents in all areas of life, ranging from music, to drama, lip-syn, etc. 

Families in Nigeria come together to watch this ever-lively show. 

8. Who Wants to Be A Millionaire? 

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Participants on this show are being tested for their smartness, intelligence and current affairs. 15 questions will be asked one after the other and you can only proceed to the next stage if you answer the previous question correctly. 

Answering all 15 questions correctly earns the person N10,000,000 and losing any question makes the person lose some amount of money gathered so far. 

9. MTN Next Titan 

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Just like Project Fame, Next Titan is also sponsored by MTN. Young Nigerian entrepreneurs compete in business-driven tasks. The competition holds for 13 weeks, bringing the brilliance, technical know-how, and exposure to business ideas to the test. 

The programme is a great one as there is a lot to be learnt from it. 

10. Peak Talent Hunt

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Peak Talent Hunt is a 13 weeks talent show sponsored by Peak. Young Nigerians are given the platform to express their talents ranging from music, dancing and acting. Winners go home with mouth-watering prizes. 

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